18 Fashion Girls Who Got Real About Their Bodies on Instagram

18 Fashion Girls Who Got Real About Their Bodies on Instagram

When I read Vanessa Friedman’s New York Times piece that investigates how models and stars are using Instagram to celebrate their bodies, it got me thinking – would I ever share a similar snap on my own feed? I’m not a celebrity or a model, but like Gigi Hadid, I, too, learned to embrace my curves and love my own skin – and it came with the help of Instagram.

I used to get anxious at the thought of someone noticing my stretch marks while I was wearing denim cutoffs. But with all the body positive messages circulating within the fashion industry as of late, I’ve started to feel more comfortable wearing clothes that put my imperfections on display.

But how did I get here? I believe it has a lot to do with who I follow on Instagram – a range of popular curvy bloggers, celebrities, and supermodels who post selfies, proving to me and millions of other average women that they don’t always look as #flawless as the media portrays them to be. As Vanessa notes, “Body image, while a psychological issue, begins with optics, and Instagram is first and foremost an optical platform.” So what better place to share such raw pictures?

While magazines will continue to splash retouched photos across their covers, there are plenty of style stars fighting that notion with each #nofilter ‘gram they share. I rounded up 18 examples ahead, starting with a message from Ariana Grande, who responded to a harsh commenter who compared her to actress Ariel Winter, referring to her as a “stick.”

Read on to find the rest of the ladies who used Instagram to shine a big, bright light on reality, helping me accept my own unique figure for its every curve. Now that’s the power of one little app – which, by the way, comes free.