Secretly Make Over the Men in Your Life With These 31 Gift Ideas

Secretly Make Over the Men in Your Life With These 31 Gift Ideas

It’s fairly safe to assume we’ve all been there: dating, married to, or even related to a guy who just can’t seem to get it together fashion-wise. To sum up his style, he’s the one who’s been wearing those same square-toed shoes for years, still owns a ribbon belt, and often confuses dark-wash jeans for formalwear. Needless to say, he’s in desperate need of a Pretty Woman-type makeover, stat, and what better time to – secretly! – give it to him than the holiday season?

Stylist Brad Goreski advises to take it slow when giving guys the little loving nudges. “A good place to start is always kind of treading lightly with men and easing them into things,” he told us when we asked him for Winter and holiday tips. “I usually tell women that it’s probably best if they go out and buy the things they want their husbands or significant other to wear and present it to them as a gift.”

So that exactly what we plan on doing. Ahead, we’ve rounded up a few great buys that’ll help elevate any man’s style with just the switch of a shirt. Or coat. Or wallet. Keep reading to start shopping. He’ll thank you for it later.