22 Downright Adorable Pics of Our Favorite Fashion Bloggers and Their SOs

One scroll through the feeds of street-chic bloggers like Rumi Neely, Jane Aldridge, and Kelly Framel, and you’ll find their partners pulling off eye-catching outfits, too. Our favorite thing about this crop of noteworthy couples is that they almost always coordinate their outfits – right down to their Ray-Bans – for formal events, vacations, or weekend sessions of Neflix and chill. Read on to get to know some of the…

February 6, 2016

16 Israeli Fashion Bloggers to Follow If You Want the Best Outfit Ideas – Ever

November 15, 2015

New York may be known as the fashion capital of the world and Paris may be a city full of ladies with a knack for mastering polished yet effortless looks. But just wait until you see the outfits they’re wearing in Israel. The country’s giving the It girls in the US a run for their money, and the bloggers who live there have Instagram feeds that’ll blow you away. Many…


The Secret to This Blogger’s Winning Style Is Not What You’d Expect

November 3, 2015

If an unflattering pair of pants come to mind whenever you hear the term “mom jeans,” there’s probably a reason. For anyone who didn’t grow up with fashion-loving ‘rents, browsing through your mom’s closet can produce everything from cat-adorned sweaters to a popsicle-stick pin you made in the second grade. But that wasn’t the case for Jane Aldridge, aka the quirky, vintage-loving blogger behind Sea of Shoes. Her mother, Judy,…


13 Breathtaking Wedding Dresses Worn By Your Favorite Fashion Bloggers

November 1, 2015

Fashion bloggers are used to getting dressed up and stealing the spotlight, but when it comes to their weddings, they hold nothing back. No gown’s too glamorous, no designer’s out of reach, and even their SO’s – usually in a well-tailored tux, complete with a bow tie and some scruff – look photo shoot ready. And since these ladies tend to inspire our outfits on a normal day, there’s no…


This Is the Brand All the Fashion Bloggers Are Wearing on Vacation

August 15, 2015

Aside from the obvious common denominators like an expert pose, a Pinterest-worthy backdrop, and a cup of coffee (acai bowl, green tea, green juice, etc.) in hand, our favorite fashion bloggers share an affinity for discovering cool, under-the-radar brands. Now that they’ve put them on blast with their outfit snaps, we’re taking note – and Faithfull the Brand is first on our list. Our favorite style bloggers’ glamorous vacations are…


Your Favorite Bloggers’ First Instagram Posts Will Make You Feel Ancient

August 7, 2015

If there’s one thing we’re more than willing to admit, it’s that we’re slightly addicted to Instagram. Rarely a day goes by that we don’t scroll though our feed, double tapping outfit inspiration and posting #OOTD selfies. But while we can barely remember a time before ‘gramming was cool, it still doesn’t feel that old – until we’re 84 weeks deep into someone’s page, staring at a blurry, filtered photo…