All the Street Chic Inspiration You Need to Beat the Snow In Style

We’re not about to let a little snow or ice stand in the way of a good outfit – especially since Winter is only just beginning. That doesn’t mean going bare-legged or refusing to bundle up – remember, we want to look stylish, not clueless – but we refuse to wear a sleeping bag masquerading as a coat. Clearly, this street styled crew knows the feeling, showing off a set…

January 18, 2016

The Ladies of PLL Have Transformed Into Very Chic Adults

If you thought the ladies of Pretty Little Liars had great style in high school, just wait until you see what they’re wearing as adults. The rest of season six, which returns on Jan. 12, takes place five years in the future, and judging from the photos, the outfits will be chicer than ever before. From Aria’s bold floral skirt to Emily’s loose-fitting tees, it’s easy to see the ladies’…

January 6, 2016

30 Chic Holiday Flats, Because You Should Be Able to Dance on NYE

We’re all about dressing up when the occasion calls for it, but we’re also not about to sit on the sidelines through a season of holiday parties. Instead of achy feet, we’re advocating fancy flats.These chic shoes ahead pull double duty, as pretty as they are comfy – and are sure to elicit just as many compliments as any of the stilettos stocked in your closet. Because really, when’s the…

December 30, 2015

Chic and Affordable Gifts For Your BFF

December 2, 2015

If you’ve still come up empty handed after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we’ve got the scoop on the chicest, most affordable items for that special friend in your life. From the accessory-lover to the home decor enthusiast and even the stylish techie, peek the gift guides below and cross them off your shopping list. This may be the coolest jewelry trend ever Glamorous must haves for the home decor…


“Groutfits” Are the Chic Fall Trend You Never Saw Coming

November 27, 2015

The term groutfit comes from a fusion of the words gray and outfit. A groutfit is simply two or more articles of clothing in varying shades of gray, worn together. Groutfits have earned themselves a bad rap due to their slouchy nature and dull appearance. Among millennials, showing up to a party or even leaving the house in a groutfit has been considered one of the most lethal forms of…


7 Chic Outerwear Options For That Holiday Dress

November 21, 2015

Planning the perfect holiday outfit is tricky enough, but factor in a dip in temps and – gulp – the possibility of snow, and you’re left wondering which warm coat will pair best with that festive dress. A puffer is probably out of the question and your everyday peacoat is less than ideal, so really, there’s only one place left to turn when searching for your answer: bloggers. Ahead, we’ve…