SAG Awards Well Played, Queen Latifah in Michael Costello

  Did you guys watch The SAGs? You know how they always have an opening that’s like,”I’m So-And-So…AND I’M AN ACTOR!”? And sometimes they’re painfully self-congratulatory (sometimes the SAGs forgot that acting, although a fine profession that gives a lot to the world, is not pediatric brain surgery or hostage negotiation, or social work; Art is Read More … Go Fug Yourself

February 2, 2016

What the Fug: Jennifer Lopez in Michael Costello and House of CB

September 22, 2015

   “HOLA LOVERS.” “I am not at the Emmys so stop looking at the Emmys and LOOK AT ME. I am giving you so much to discuss, lovers. Forget the Hamm and Veep and How To Get Murdered. I SPIT on your Lame of Thrones. But I will not hear you badmouthing Olive Kitteridge, lovers, because it offered profound Read More … Go Fug Yourself