Blue Fugmine: Cate Blanchett in Erdem at the W Magazine Party

  In fairness to The Blanche, she had already been to an event in this outfit — a Q&A about Carol — and that may account for why her makeup seems a little bit like she was just caught heaving a large sigh. However, it’s not like she wore great makeup to the other event and Read More … Go Fug Yourself

January 11, 2016

Royally Played: The Duchess of Cambridge in Erdem

October 28, 2015

    YOU GUYS. You KNOW how I feel about (a) patterned evening gowns, and, (b) Erdem in general. I really wish this didn’t have the dust-ruffle detailing on the bottom, but I feel like that’s looking a gift horse in the mouth because — although I suspect this will be very very divisive — I really Read More … Go Fug Yourself