VMA Fugs and Fabs: The Dudes (With Bonus Appearances From a Lady or Two)

September 1, 2015

    First of all, we need to give a round of applause to the man or woman responsible for getting The Biebs into real, normal-person-fitting, proper jeans. They make a WORLD of difference.  The hair, on the other hand, well…let’s discuss. Also: Austin Butler holds a puppy! Half of Fall Out Boy are pretty sure they’re Read More … Go Fug Yourself


Fugs and Fabs: Various Recent Tennis Events

August 27, 2015

    The US Open is on the horizon — Heather and I had a long conversation last night (post-wine) about how we’re VERY NERVOUS FOR SERENA — and ergo, New York is aflush with tennis fever: Tommy Hilfger launched his new campaign with Rafa by having a faux tennis match in Bryant Park (this is VERY Read More … Go Fug Yourself


Fugs and Fabs: Some Samsung Party Or Whatever

August 21, 2015

    Chrissy Teigen just did an ad for both Samsung phones, or the phone and the tablet or whatever they are (it’s weird – it’s supposed to be her talking about how great the Note and the Edge 6 are, but the ad makes it look like she decides one is better than the other, which doesn’t seem helpful; Read More … Go Fug Yourself