This Thin Model Has Been Deemed “Too Big” For the Fashion Industry

August 28, 2015

While part of the fashion world is ready to kick ridiculous body-type standards to the curb, we’ve still got a long way to go. Case in point: a 19-year-old Swedish woman, who recently took to YouTube to call out the industry that’s labeled her “too big” to model. Standing in front of the mirror and showing off her slim figure, Agnes Hedengard points to parts of her body that she’s…


This Fashion Ad Highlights The Blatant Lack Of Curvy Models In Vogue

August 26, 2015

Vogue may be considered the pinnacle of fashion magazines, but this month the publication finds itself under fire. The September issue is its most lauded release of the year – Beyoncé scored the coveted cover spot this time around. But, while the magazine weighs in at a whopping 832 pages, readers have noted that only two of them feature curvy models – and those two pages are an advertisement. The…


1970s Men’s Fashion Adverts That Cannot Be Unseen

August 20, 2015

It’s no surprise that retro fashion ads usually look outdated, but these recently discovered men’s fashion advertisements are downright ridiculous. If you’re in the mood for some throwbacks – and a good laugh – check out these hilarious ads from the ’70s in this post originally featured on Flashbak. Men’s fashion is the gift that keeps on giving. Until armor becomes ubiquitous, men will continue to struggle. As the great…


This Is the Brand All the Fashion Bloggers Are Wearing on Vacation

August 15, 2015

Aside from the obvious common denominators like an expert pose, a Pinterest-worthy backdrop, and a cup of coffee (acai bowl, green tea, green juice, etc.) in hand, our favorite fashion bloggers share an affinity for discovering cool, under-the-radar brands. Now that they’ve put them on blast with their outfit snaps, we’re taking note – and Faithfull the Brand is first on our list. Our favorite style bloggers’ glamorous vacations are…


11 Fashion Items Under $500 That Every Style It Girl Owns

August 12, 2015

Keep spotting the same sleek fashion accessories in your Instagram feed? That’s no coincidence. Our favorite fashion It girls know a viral designer item when they see one, and once they’ve got it, they work it into their wardrobes with ease. But it can be disheartening to find that the amazing pieces we’re coveting are a little out of our price range. That’s why we’ve distinguished between the superpricy buys…


28 Cringeworthy Fashion Moments We Witnessed on Laguna Beach

August 10, 2015

Before they were designers or style setters, not even Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari were immune to the truly horrifying fashion of the early 2000s – and we have the footage to prove it. If you were to rewind to 2004 and binge-watch the shows that first made them famous, we’re betting the microminis, bandage dresses, pedal pushers, and visor shades might just prove that Lauren, Kristin, Heidi, Brody, and…


How to DIY the Hat Every Fashion Blogger Is Wearing

If you’ve scrolled through Instagram at some point this Summer, you’ve likely spotted an accessory taking over your feed: a wide-brimmed Eugenia Kim hat, embroidered with cute sayings like “Out of Office” or “So Busy.” It was an item I lusted after since the moment I saw it, but on top of the hefty price tag of $ 440 – a number that’s well beyond my budget – it happened…

August 7, 2015

40 People Every Fashion Girl Should Be Following on Snapchat

August 6, 2015

Sure, we get a glimpse into the stylish lives of models and celebrities on Instagram, but if you’re looking for some real, real-time action? Snapchat’s the way to go. The social media platform continues to rise in popularity, with a few of our favorite influencers taking us behind the scenes of their day-to-day. What campaigns are they shooting? What are they wearing? Did they really eat those eggs and that…