10 Unconventional Models Who Helped Diversify Fashion in 2015

December 10, 2015

There’s no doubt this year that body image and diversity were the two major topics in the fashion industry. Brands created feel-good campaigns and models themselves took a strong stance on the heated issues. Ladies like Ashley Graham rallied behind the plus-size movement while model Madeline Stuart proved a genetic disorder doesn’t make anyone less beautiful. These unconventional models were just some of the firestarters in an important conversation about…


You’ll Never Look at Underwear the Same Way Thanks to This Year’s VS Fashion Show

December 9, 2015

Grab your sweats and snacks and take a seat: the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is finally here. Before the show airs tonight, we’ve got the scoop on what went down on the runway when the show taped a couple of weeks ago. Read on for those elaborate costumes, washboard abs, and newbies Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid strutting their stuff down the runway. Then learn a little bit about…


21 Winter Fashion Rules We Learned From Gigi Hadid

December 4, 2015

She may hail from Los Angeles, but Gigi Hadid has mastered the art of Winter dressing. Between her amazing collection of coats and her creative layering, Gigi’s chic spin on cold-weather dressing is pretty inspirational. On those chilly mornings when you dread getting out of bed, it’s Gigi you should turn to for ways to keep warm that don’t involve just staying under the covers. Sure, she’s rocked luxe coats…


The 1 Photo Every Fashion Girl Has on Her Feed

November 28, 2015

One quick scroll through Instagram and you’re bound to spot a few photos of fashion girls carrying this must-have item. Nope, it’s not a bag. Not even a leather jacket. Rather, it’s a cup – sometimes mug – of coffee. Matcha or cappuccino if they’re feeling fancy. The truth is, our days often call for a little extra fuel, and with the photo op presenting itself in the form of…


I’m a Fashion Editor Who Shops Almost Exclusively at Zara

November 26, 2015

Above: In one of my favorite Zara skirts. Source: POPSUGAR Photography/Grace Hitchcock There’s a staggering amount of Zara in my closet. A fact I hadn’t quite realized until I counted up the items in the presence of a friend during an afternoon wardrobe cleanout. Let me reiterate: it is staggering. Not just the sheer volume of Zara pieces, but relative to the other brands on the shelves, Zara is king….


Fugs and Fabs: Everyone Else at the British Fashion Awards

November 25, 2015

    When I think “British Fashion,” I don’t really think “Liv Tyler,” but no one asked me. In other news, Posh & Becks are back, Gaga looks great, and Gwendoline Christie shall rule us all, one day. (And with apologies to my earlier post, in which I thought I’d rounded up all the models. A LOT Read More … Go Fug Yourself


18 Fashion Girls Who Got Real About Their Bodies on Instagram

November 22, 2015

When I read Vanessa Friedman’s New York Times piece that investigates how models and stars are using Instagram to celebrate their bodies, it got me thinking – would I ever share a similar snap on my own feed? I’m not a celebrity or a model, but like Gigi Hadid, I, too, learned to embrace my curves and love my own skin – and it came with the help of Instagram….