Toronto Film Festival: Fug and Fab Grab Bag

September 17, 2015

    Why can’t Toronto happen during the dead weeks of summer, where all we do is complain about how nobody leaves the house unless they’re a “model” doing a “bikini shoot” for some brand of water we’ve never heard of? (We spared you those delights.) Instead it’s smack in the middle of Fashion Week and on Read More … Go Fug Yourself


Fug and Fab: Elle Fanning at the Toronto Film Festival

September 15, 2015

   Can we discuss anew what a lovely adult Elle Fanning is becoming? I am not sure my old-lady sensibilities will be able to handle it when she’s of age to be in a racy indie romp that premieres in Cannes, or something. And we’re inching in that direction here: She has the whole soulful thing down, though. Read More … Go Fug Yourself


Well Played: Elizabeth Olsen in Calvin Klein at the Deauville Film Festival

September 13, 2015

   This is insanely simple, but so is a plain, grilled medium-rare filet, and I’m not sending THAT back to the restaurant kitchen. A long white t-shirt is, I think, deceptively advanced science. It’s HARD to walk around in that without people crying Hanes on you. But it’s brilliantly fitted, it’s absurdly flattering, and she’s accessorized it smartly. Read More … Go Fug Yourself