20 Fashion Lessons Every ’90s Girl Learned From Clarissa Explains It All

September 28, 2015

In 1991, Melissa Joan Hart arrived onto the small screen as Clarissa Darling – the effervescent, Dr. Martens-wearing, pizza-loving teen we know and love. Every episode, the titular character from Nickelodeon’s Clarissa Explains It All shared with viewers her music taste, tech-savvy know-how, and very of-the-moment style. We’ve rounded up all that she taught us about rocking headbands, denim, and the like. POPSUGAR Fashion


31 Top-Notch Halloween Costumes From All the Top Models

September 27, 2015

Gigi and Kendall – along with the whole model pack – don’t only have a knack for creating the perfect street style outfits. These girls can put together a Halloween costume with ease. They take the most expected characters, like a vampire or schoolgirl, to the next level, adding stylish little twists you might not think of right away. Lucky for us, the models have shared their masterwork on Instagram,…


35 Style Lessons We Learned From Gossip Girl

September 26, 2015

If we’re being honest, the real reason we tuned in to Gossip Girl wasn’t the romance or the drama – or even Dorota – it was the amazing fashion. Week after week, Blair and Serena would traipse around the Big Apple, wearing designer ensembles that put our high school uniforms to shame. But, besides just rocking the season’s latest It bag, this high-fashion duo had a few lessons to teach…


17 Disney Princess Gowns Straight From the Spring ’16 Runways

September 24, 2015

I see them in swimsuits, in runway looks, and wedding dresses – the Disney princess gowns are forever ingrained in my mind. I can’t help it. I was born into a family of Disney freaks, and as a fashion girl, part of the magic comes from dreaming about my favorite characters’ looks, from Ariel’s shiny tail to Pocahontas’s fringed mini. This season, as the designers rolled out their Spring ’16…


See Every Look From the Emmys Red Carpet

September 20, 2015

We set our DVRs religiously, binge-watch when their shows hit Netflix, and generally flip out at every premiere and finale, but there’s nothing like seeing our favorite actors of the small screen glammed up for the Emmys. Because while we love following their characters, seeing the cast of


Updated! See the Must-Have Bags and Shoes From NYFW Day 7

September 17, 2015

As our favorite street style stars make their way to the shows at New York Fashion Week, we admire their perfectly coordinated looks. But it’s their bags, neckerchiefs, sunglasses, and shoes – oh, the shoes – that really make us swoon. Zooming in on the little details is what inspires us to shop for the latest It accessories as we gear up for Fall. Read on to see this season’s colorful,…


All the Street Style You Need to See From NYFW

September 16, 2015

The style set has descended on NYC for its biannual Fashion Week pilgrimage. Sure, models on the runways are dressed in the world’s top designers, but on the street, there’s plenty of trendsetting happening, too. This season, it’s a resurgence of the ’70s, minimalist combos, and drool-worthy add-ons. Out on the street, these stars aren’t just wearing the trends – they’re making them. Read on to see the best shots…


The Fall Fashion Items Missing From Your Closet

September 15, 2015

Saying hello to Fall means it’s time to layer up and transition your closet to seasonally appropriate pieces. Check out our sister site, ShopStyle, offering the very best styles of the season. Fill your Fall wardrobe with all the necessities you need to brave the cold temps ahead; from the core items to everything on trend, this is your one-stop shop. The Ultimate Fall Closet Checklist All Here in One…