GFY Giveaway: Agatha Christie’s Partners in Crime

  Very excited that our giveaways are back! And you guys love a well-costumed period piece where murders are solved! THE PRIZE:  One of you will win either a DVD or Blu-Ray (you choose!) of Partners In Crime. Want more info? I CAN DO THAT: After decades of the much-loved Poirot and Marple adaptations, Agatha Christie’s Read More … Go Fug Yourself

January 17, 2016

GFY Giveaway: 700 Nimes Road by Catherine Opie

October 22, 2015

    And giveaways are BACK! This is a good one for all of you who (a) are into Elizabeth Taylor, (b) like to see the inside of people’s homes, or, best of all, (c) both. You can get a sense of the inside photos in the slideshow above. WHAT’S IT ABOUT? Per Amazon: The renowned photographer Read More … Go Fug Yourself


GFY Giveaway: MOVIE STAR BY LIZZIE PEPPER by Hilary Liftin

August 23, 2015

  Another prize pack coming your way this week, and it includes sunglasses, which is awesome because — as you are well aware — everyone looks hotter in them: THE PRIZE: We’re delighted to have THREE prize packs to give away today, pictured above, and each of which includes a signed copy of Movie Star By Read More … Go Fug Yourself


GFY Giveaway: Stephanie Clifford’s EVERYBODY RISE

August 17, 2015

  Really, really looking forward to this giveaway. I had the occasion to read this book a couple of weeks ago, and I thought it was great; I totally recommend picking up a copy if you don’t win one. But I hope you win one! THE PRIZE: A copy of Everybody Rise; plus a Lo & Read More … Go Fug Yourself