Your Afternoon Men: Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy

  It’s almost the weekend. So please enjoy these two cut-ups, sharing a hilarious inside joke that underscores their warm rapport. I assume this will be their holiday card. But, feast anew. And tell me: Were you a Leo person? Are you still? I admit I wasn’t, but then I also admit that Titanic totally sucked me in Read More … Go Fug Yourself

December 19, 2015

Your Afternoon Man: Tom Hardy and His Dog Woody

September 5, 2015

    So, Tom Hardy brought his dog to the premiere of Legend last night (along with his pregnant wife Charlotte, so maybe he just wanted the whole family there), and so I’m pretty sure someone out there right now is writing fanfics of Tom and Woody and Prince Harry and Goat becoming best friends and solving small Read More … Go Fug Yourself