It’s Hard to Comprehend How Good Ciara Looks in a Swimsuit

When it comes to vacation photo shoots, Ciara’s definitely a pro; just months after Instagramming a batch of sexy swimwear pics, she’s at it again – this time, posting some shots of herself in a sleek black one-piece. But it’s not like the star’s keeping her vacation photo tips to herself. She even shared some with us last year, including trying on a bunch of suits to find the perfect…

January 30, 2016

Why It’s Totally OK to Be a Shopaholic

When trying to cull a life motto (because who doesn’t need one of those), I’ve settled on tweaking Glengarry Glen Ross‘s famous “Always be closing” to “Always be shopping.” It’s the number one most important factor to scoring amazing finds and super, can-barely-believe-it deals. In all fairness, it’s also a point of professional obligation for me, where keeping a constant eye on what’s out there allows me to craft shopping…

January 16, 2016

Hailey Baldwin’s Street Style Is So Good It’s Almost Unfair

You know that one girl you’re friends with who manages to make everything – even sweatpants – look sexy? Well, for today’s It model squad, that friend is most definitely Hailey Baldwin. The blond bombshell, who recently made headlines for smoochin’ Justin Bieber, has somehow found this extremely rare fashion sweet spot, and we’d be fuming with jealousy if we weren’t thoroughly impressed. So in an effort to make our…

January 15, 2016

Your Dream Wedding Dress Is Here – and It’s Actually Affordable

For a woman busy planning her wedding, there’s one gift she won’t find under the tree: her dream dress. Though it may top her must-have list, that wedding gown just can’t be chosen by anyone but her. But thanks to Needle & Thread and NET-A-PORTER.COM, she just might find it this season anyways. The brand just launched its first bridal collection, and it’s full of romantic and feminine details that…

December 23, 2015