Your Favorite Models and It Girls Wore the Sexiest Dresses to the amfAR Gala

February 11, 2016

When all the supermodels and stars land in New York for Fashion Week, you can expect plenty of parties to go down – the annual amfAR Gala being the first of many. Actresses like Diane Kruger and Blake Lively are showing off their gorgeous gowns from collections past, while on-the-rise models like Hailey Baldwin, Emily Ratajkowski, and Sara Sampaio are sporting sexy numbers before they gear up to walk the…


10 Unconventional Models Who Helped Diversify Fashion in 2015

December 10, 2015

There’s no doubt this year that body image and diversity were the two major topics in the fashion industry. Brands created feel-good campaigns and models themselves took a strong stance on the heated issues. Ladies like Ashley Graham rallied behind the plus-size movement while model Madeline Stuart proved a genetic disorder doesn’t make anyone less beautiful. These unconventional models were just some of the firestarters in an important conversation about…


Inspirational Models Teaching Us to Embrace Our Inner Beauty

November 24, 2015

In 2015, these five models inspired us to be thankful for who we really are – and we couldn’t love them any more for their bravery! Watch on to see how Winnie Harlow, Kanya Sesser, Madeline Stuart, Tess Holliday, and Maria Borges are teaching us to embrace our own natural beauty. POPSUGAR Fashion


13 Up-and-Coming Models You Need to Know Before the Victoria’s Secret Show

November 9, 2015

Sure, we’re excited to see the Victoria’s Secret regulars – not to mention the newest batch of Angels – grace the catwalk come show time, but it’s hard not to notice the other faces (and abs) that make their way down that very same runway. After all, these ladies deserve to be there, too, put in long hours at the gym, and have some impressive résumés that speak to their…


5 Models Who Prove Halloween Is Very High Fashion Holiday

October 31, 2015

For models, the pressure is really on during Halloween. These are women for whom dressing up is a part of their actual job, so on October 31st, there’s extra demand to be creative. Even though Halloween is officially today, a number of our favorite catwalk regulars got a head start on the fun already. Supermodels like Miranda Kerr and Lily Aldridge are showing off their 2015 ensembles – some of…


31 Top-Notch Halloween Costumes From All the Top Models

September 27, 2015

Gigi and Kendall – along with the whole model pack – don’t only have a knack for creating the perfect street style outfits. These girls can put together a Halloween costume with ease. They take the most expected characters, like a vampire or schoolgirl, to the next level, adding stylish little twists you might not think of right away. Lucky for us, the models have shared their masterwork on Instagram,…


You Won’t Believe These 28 Stars Were Once Abercrombie Models

September 19, 2015

There are some stars whose old modeling campaigns we just can’t get over. They’ve been pretty much imprinted in our minds, and despite the newer, modern ads fighting to take their place, we love the vintage appeal of photos taken years ago. That’s exactly how we feel about all the Abercrombie snapshots in this gallery. They feature some of our all-time favorite actors and models looking as fresh-faced as ever,…