7 Chic Outerwear Options For That Holiday Dress

November 21, 2015

Planning the perfect holiday outfit is tricky enough, but factor in a dip in temps and – gulp – the possibility of snow, and you’re left wondering which warm coat will pair best with that festive dress. A puffer is probably out of the question and your everyday peacoat is less than ideal, so really, there’s only one place left to turn when searching for your answer: bloggers. Ahead, we’ve…


Kate Middleton Returns to an Old Favorite Piece of Fall Outerwear

November 20, 2015

When it comes to undertaking royal engagements, at this point, Kate Middleton knows what works style-wise. She’s a fan of simple but colorful outwear, often paired with basics underneath – that is, when she doesn’t let a statement dress do the talking all on its own. Today, Kate and her husband Prince William visited with young people at a center in Northern Wales. Getting there involved a helicopter ride, so…