Turtlenecks Have Never Looked Sexier – and These Outfits Are Proof

September 9, 2015

We’ll always believe that the sexiest outfits are the ones that offer a little more coverage – and a lot more mystery. That’s why we’re happy to see a recent resurgence of turtlenecks, worn by all of our favorite style icons. Though you might at first picture a cozy cashmere sweater with a slouchy fit, the turtleneck we’ve got on our shopping list is formfitting, is often cropped or sleeveless, and…


40 Outfits to Try When You “Have Nothing to Wear”

September 1, 2015

If you’ve ever promised yourself you’d wake up early only to snooze five different alarms and stumble out of bed last minute, we feel you. Waking up can be rough – but not quite as rough as getting dressed on mornings like these. Nothing looks right (were you insane when you bought that top?!), clothes are everywhere, and you’re about a nanosecond away from sobbing and pretending you’re sick. (“Sorry,…


37 Outfits to Try When You Have “Nothing to Wear” to a Wedding

August 26, 2015

Knowing what’s appropriate to wear to a wedding is one thing, but actually finding it in your closet or your favorite store is quite another. To be successful, you’ll need some inspiration – plenty of outfit ideas that fit the fancy dress code but are understated enough not to take away from the bride on her big day. Luckily, the 37 ensembles here are a happy medium. They consist of…


30 Outfits So You’ll Never Sweat What to Wear to Work in the Summer Again

August 16, 2015

On the days when your wardrobe – or willpower – are no match for the sticky Summer heat, we’re here to help. Enlisting street style pros and fashion insiders, we’ve curated 30 no-fail outfits for any office. With shirtdresses, breezy pajama pants and culottes, and pretty, full skirts, beating the heat and staying work appropriate are never mutually exclusive. Scroll for a month’s worth of outfit ideas so you’ll never…


15 Denim Outfits You Better Make Sure You Have in Your Closet For Fall

American girls are known for working their jeans into their wardrobes year round. But with the resurgence of ’70s-inspired trends for Fall, we’re seeing more denim iterations than we ever have before, and they’re popping up in our favorite stores, too. It’s not just about your flares this season; it’s about the flares with the distressed hem and that amazing patchwork jacket you’re pairing them with – but the true-blue…

August 13, 2015

The Killer Outfits on Pretty Little Liars Will Haunt You All Week Long

August 12, 2015

Every Pretty Little Liars fan knows by now to expect the unexpected: characters you once thought were dead suddenly show up out of nowhere and “A” was most likely not who you thought they were. But the one thing we’re sure about is that this is one of the best dressed shows on TV, full of quirky outfits, cool styling hacks, and at least four different characters with their own…


23 Perfect Travel Outfits From Real Girls on the Go

August 7, 2015

For me, packing isn’t easy. I stuff all of my items into a (very heavy) suitcase for vacation – and I’m quite relieved once it finally zips. But it’s only then that I realize I have to pick out an outfit for the airport. Sigh. How do you select an ensemble that’ll be comfortable enough to travel in, but chic enough to keep you from feeling sluggish? You surely wouldn’t enjoy…