The 4 Pairs of Boots You Need to Survive This Winter

You thought you could squeak by this season with last year’s Winter boots, and kudos, you almost made it! But then January happened, and the thought of another month (or two) in those salt-stained stompers is too much to take. I get it. Winter is annoying and endless, or so it seems. When every day starts to feel like a gloomy repeat of the day before, my survival tactic is…

January 24, 2016

8 Pairs of Black Tights That’ll Last You All Winter Long

November 6, 2015

Groan – it happened. Before we had a chance to truly get accustomed to the whole idea of Fall and – ugh! – Winter weather, it was time to break out the tights again. And while we plan on trying our hardest to switch things up this year, per stylist Brad Goreski’s suggestion, we know in our heart of hearts that the true hue for us will always be black….


1 Woman Tried On 10 Different Pairs of Size 16 Jeans, and This Is What They Looked Like

August 22, 2015

Thanks to major sizing discrepancies across brands, finding your real size can seem totally impossible. To illustrate the struggle we all have, associate fashion editor at and BuzzFeed contributor Marie Southard Ospina put 10 different brands to the test in the exact same size. The outcome? Like we suspected, size really is just a number – don’t let it define you. Read on for Marie’s full story, straight from…