Well Played, Alice Eve

August 26, 2015

  Yesterday, she’d raided Fraulein Maria’s closet. Today, she’s attacked Renee Zellweger’s wardrobe from Down With Love: Major upgrade. (No offense to Mrs Von Trapp. Although she has a very dashing husband, so I think she’ll be okay.) Read More … Go Fug Yourself


Well Played, Elisabeth Moss

August 23, 2015

    “Hey, Elisabeth Moss! As you’re going into this interview, we thought we should take some pics here in front of an oil-stained portion of a parking garage, right?” It’s sort of like an impromptu Vogue shoot, though – Delightful Day Dresses in Unexpected Places! — and she looks so fab. Extra bonus points for the Read More … Go Fug Yourself


Mostly Well Played: Laverne Cox

August 20, 2015

  This is extremely elegant, especially compared to Saffron Burrows’ oversize foraged hand-me-downs. * In case you think I am insane: The Burrows post was supposed to run at noon, but I apparently accidentally set it for Aug. 20 instead of Aug. 19, so it never ran, and ergo, the first sentence here MADE NO SENSE. AWESOME. Read More … Go Fug Yourself


Well Played, Jamie Chung

August 16, 2015

  Jamie Chung is one of those people who’s racked up a list of credits, but I still feel like I need to recite them when we feature her. Which is neither here nor there — it means nothing about her as a person, and for what it’s worth, the time we sat behind her at Fashion Read More … Go Fug Yourself


Well Played: Wino Forever in Oscar de la Renta

August 14, 2015

  I’m always pleased to see Winona “Wino Forever” Ryder out and about in the world. Yet there’s something so permanently skittish and timid in her expression, to the point where I find myself even typing about her more gently for fear of her scampering away at the smallest thud. She’s certainly made a very pretty Read More … Go Fug Yourself


Rita Oraly Played, Rita Ora

August 7, 2015

  Sometimes, I really do think that people decide what to wear out — here, to Nick Jonas’s album release party, so clearly a deeply formal event — by just throwing darts at their laundry basket: And last night, Rita Ora’s darts hit her jeans, a KISS-themed one-piece bathing suit (we’ve all got one), and her Read More … Go Fug Yourself