SAG Awards Unfug It Up: Rachel McAdams in Elie Saab

    I’m happy Spotlight won the SAG for Best Ensemble; it’s a strongly acted movie from top to tail, and there’s something really quiet and old-school about it — like, it didn’t need an aggressive CGI bear or any narrative gimmicks (The Big Short) or explosions or anything else; it was just tight narrative and pace Read More … Go Fug Yourself

February 1, 2016

23 Times We Liked Rachel Green’s Outfit Even More Than Her Haircut

Anyone who has binge-watched Friends multiple times – and we know you’re all guilty – knows there’s just something about Rachel Green. From the moment she stumbled into Central Perk in a wedding dress, it was obvious she’d have no problem making a statement. And while Jennifer Aniston will always be remembered for Rachel’s haircut, we happen to think her stylish ensembles were just as memorable. Rachel did score jobs at Bloomingdale’s…

January 21, 2016

Well Played, Rachel Weisz

October 18, 2015

  Will one of you have a really glamorous holiday party and wear this to it for me? PLEASE? Thanks ever so much. I expect a full, juicy report of all the dramatic shenanigans it inspires. Read More … Go Fug Yourself