Fug the Show: War and Peace Recap, Part 3

    I just love this show. It’s absolutely chockablock with people making terrible romantic/life choices in amazing outfits/homes, during war, which is simply my favorite genre of anything. This week boasted fewer fur turbans than last week’s installment, but DEFINITELY more threats of murder. To catch you up: ANDREI: Oh, Andrei. Remember how he took off Read More … Go Fug Yourself

February 3, 2016

Fug the Show: The X-Files Recap, episode 1, “My Struggle”

    Hey! Remember how I thought I wouldn’t have time to recap this episode before the second one aired tonight? Apparently, I lied. Here you go! It’s my gift from me to you, and it’s cranky? I kind of can’t believe I am doing this again. Way back in the day, during The X-Files’s first go-round, I Read More … Go Fug Yourself

January 26, 2016

The Good Wife recap, season 7, episode 10

    I’m not someone who thinks fans should own producers — which is to say, I don’t think TV shows should do exactly what viewers want all the time, because it’s not our show. It’s theirs. Let the producers produce. But there is following your own vision, and then dangling carrot after carrot after carrot to Read More … Go Fug Yourself

December 19, 2015

Fug the Show: Empire recap, season 2, episode 8

November 23, 2015

    This is as much time as network TV has ever devoted to a rap battle, and it’s one of the most watchable scenes of the season, even if I have no idea how half of it even worked (like how the crowd knew what to say when Hakeem held out the mic to them; did he pass Read More … Go Fug Yourself


Fug the Show: Empire recap, season 2, episode 7

November 15, 2015

    Proof that this show is treading water like mad: The cold open of this episode was just a montage of Cookie and Adam Rodriguez passing time in bed. Thank GOD for the near-threesome between Marisa Tomei, Terrence Howard, and a random extra — a sentence that has surely never been typed before in history. Read More … Go Fug Yourself


Fug the Show: Nashville recap, season 4, episode 7

November 14, 2015

    Well, it happened: Scarlett cut her hair. And not just a trim. She turned it up to ELEVEN. It was driven by Clare Bowen’s desire to reach out to kids with cancer — she herself had it as young as age four – who, as she did, feel self-conscious or anxious about losing their hair; she Read More … Go Fug Yourself