Unfug or Fab: Saoirse Ronan

   So, y’all: 2016. It’s happening. And the opening few weeks have been jam-packed enough that I wrote up this whole post about an outfit Jessica had already included in a slideshow from the SAGs weekend. It ran on GFY for about nine minutes before we noticed, at which point obviously I yelped and took it Read More … Go Fug Yourself

February 3, 2016

2015: The Year in Saoirse Ronan

    Sometimes it’s fun to look at what someone wore all year and try to predict what we’ll see from her come Awards Season, and we’ll certainly be seeing plenty of this one in the next few months. (I haven’t seen Brooklyn yet, but it’s so far up my street that I might actually be living Read More … Go Fug Yourself

January 2, 2016