60 Gorgeous Lingerie Pieces You’ll Actually Feel Sexy In

How many times have you found yourself thinking, “I could never wear that!” while shopping for lingerie? What may look undeniably sexy on mannequins and Victoria’s Secret models isn’t necessarily what makes us feel sexy. Many designs – especially around Valentine’s Day – can be a little intimidating for one’s taste. But instead of feeding into someone else’s fantasy, why not make it all about you? From modest to tastefully…

January 29, 2016

Selena Gomez’s Sexy SNL Dress Is the Type You Definitely Can’t Forget

We expected Selena Gomez to wear a few sexy dresses for her appearance on Saturday Night Live, but when she took the stage for her first performance and the lights flashed on, we were totally blown away. Selena showed off a black cutout design that flashed most of her midriff and her entire left leg. The gown, pinned at the bottom of its plunging neckline and at the very top…

January 24, 2016

Don’t Miss a Single Sexy Look From the Golden Globes

The Golden Globes are the first major red carpet event of 2016, and the stars took the opportunity to show off their most glamorous looks. From the moment Hollywood favorites like Alicia Vikander and Brie Larson arrived on the red carpet, we knew it was going to be a night full of flawless fashion. Read on for a look at all the gorgeous looks from your favorite nominees and then…

January 13, 2016

45 “Going Out” Outfits That Are Simple, Sexy, and Stylish

November 13, 2015

Planning your outfit for a night out in the Fall can be a real headache. How do you show a slip of leg or bare a hint of your midriff without freezing your you-know-what off? You want to appear sexy, but you also consider yourself to be sophisticated and stylish – and managing to find a happy medium when the cool wind’s blowing isn’t always easy. Lucky for you, we…


The Sexy Jumpsuit That Looks Good on Everyone – and You Need to Try Now

October 14, 2015

When it comes to signature styles, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Simpson couldn’t be more different. Gwyneth’s look is a mix of classic, sleek, and sexy. Jessica, meanwhile, favors boho-glam ensembles both on the red carpet and in everyday life. Still, both women slid into the same Galvan jumpsuit less than a month apart, and it looked equally stunning on each of them. Gwyneth donned the sheer-topped jumpsuit for last night’s…