Fug the Show: Nashville recap, season 4, episode 7

November 14, 2015

    Well, it happened: Scarlett cut her hair. And not just a trim. She turned it up to ELEVEN. It was driven by Clare Bowen’s desire to reach out to kids with cancer — she herself had it as young as age four – who, as she did, feel self-conscious or anxious about losing their hair; she Read More … Go Fug Yourself


13 Up-and-Coming Models You Need to Know Before the Victoria’s Secret Show

November 9, 2015

Sure, we’re excited to see the Victoria’s Secret regulars – not to mention the newest batch of Angels – grace the catwalk come show time, but it’s hard not to notice the other faces (and abs) that make their way down that very same runway. After all, these ladies deserve to be there, too, put in long hours at the gym, and have some impressive résumés that speak to their…


Fug the Show: Empire recap season 2, episode 5

October 25, 2015

    We were light on generally great lines this week, but if we’re talking the best solely of this episode, here are a few: – “Your house ain’t clean if your closets are dirty.” – “A MOUTH IS A MOUTH.” – “You wanna chillax here? You gotta pay tax here.” – “Take this bug, and stick Read More … Go Fug Yourself