23 Gifts to Buy When You Don’t Know Her Size

Buying gifts can be tricky – even if someone is your BFF, picking the right size isn’t always easy. Luckily for you, these simple but stylish gifts require no measurements at all. Glittering jewels, cool caps, sophisticated bags . . . there are so many great pieces chic enough to make even the pickiest recipient happy. You may think it’s impossible to please everyone, but armed with these chic picks,…

December 18, 2015

1 Woman Tried On 10 Different Pairs of Size 16 Jeans, and This Is What They Looked Like

August 22, 2015

Thanks to major sizing discrepancies across brands, finding your real size can seem totally impossible. To illustrate the struggle we all have, associate fashion editor at Bustle.com and BuzzFeed contributor Marie Southard Ospina put 10 different brands to the test in the exact same size. The outcome? Like we suspected, size really is just a number – don’t let it define you. Read on for Marie’s full story, straight from…