The Work Style Tip So Easy, You’ll Wonder Why You Haven’t Tried It Yet

December 7, 2015

You wear sweatshirts at home and while running errands. They keep you cozy when it’s cold and offer comfort when you’re sad, tired, or just plain hungover. So when Monday rolls around and you’re forced to change into something more formal, it feels just plain wrong. Why not bring a little happiness to your workweek by rocking a sweatshirt at the office? No, any ratty old hoodie won’t do, but…


This Is How Hannah, Marnie, and the Rest of the Girls Do Wedding Style

December 3, 2015

Who better to seek wedding inspiration from than our favorite Girls squad: Hannah, Shoshannah, Marnie, and Jessa. Lena Dunham just showed us a sneak peek from the HBO show in the form of a behind-the-scenes shot – and it’s from Marnie’s forthcoming nuptials! While actress Allison Williams recently got married in a feminine Oscar de la Renta gown, her second ceremony of the year took a decidedly bohemian route. Marnie…


44 Ways to Style Your Trusty Black Dress This Holiday Season

November 30, 2015

There’s a reason the LBD is such a fashion classic: it looks great on – literally! – everyone, comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and is considered a blank canvas for the woman who is wearing it. No matter where you’re headed, the addition of certain accessories can dress it up or down, meaning one quality dress can get you through a handful of different gatherings – even…


I Tried Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy Style – and It Wasn’t That Bad

November 25, 2015

You know you’ve gawked over Kim Kardashian’s style through the years. Who hasn’t? She makes revealing, shocking, and sometimes downright confusing fashion choices – remember that pink latex dress from February? And for as much as she has complained that “pregnancy is the worst experience” and tweeted about being “so f*cking sick,” she certainly hasn’t let that show in her clothing selections. She’s still rocking the same cleavage-baring, skin-tight ensembles…


20 Style Lessons I Learned From My 92-Year-Old Neighbor

November 23, 2015

Every so often, my mom will call me over to the kitchen window in our second-story apartment. “Quick,” she’ll yell in a slightly hushed way, as if someone else might hear her. “You need to see what Mary’s wearing!” Mary is our neighbor who lives across the street, and while she may be 92, she’s quite possibly one of the most stylish people I know. Whenever I see her, she’s…