This Iconic Supermodel Taught Gigi Hadid to Walk the Runway Like a Pro

Believe it or not, Gigi Hadid has gotten slack for the “weird” way she walks down the runway. While she might look pretty flawless to you and me, modeling all the latest designer collections, she’s met a few tough critics along the way. But Gigi held her head high and shut down her haters, practicing her strut with supermodel Naomi Campbell in a hotel hallway: “I was with Naomi a…

February 3, 2016

Kristen Wiig Just Taught Us a Valuable and Hilarious Lesson About Sweaters

October 27, 2015

Fact: sometimes a good cry is completely necessary. But no matter what the reason behind the tears may be – heartbreak, loss, a really, really bad day – if you’re going to let ’em flow, you might as well get comfortable. That’s the lesson we learned from Kristen Wiig’s latest, and freakin’ hilarious, clip Crying in a Sweater. While the trailer for the fake movie, which was shown on Jimmy…


60 Style Lessons Kate Middleton Taught Us That We’ll Never Forget

October 11, 2015

Kate Middleton may be royalty, but when it comes to fashion, she’s just like us. Seriously – she repeats outfits all the time and she’s even taken a few bold risks the high court wouldn’t approve of. But here’s the other thing about Kate – she wears her coordinated suit sets, coat dresses, and over-the-top fascinators with style and grace. The duchess owns her looks, convincing us she dressed right…