19 Brands That Kate Middleton Loves to Wear

December 10, 2015

Kate Middleton’s sophisticated style has won the hearts of fans the world over. Whether she’s headed to a red carpet event or she’s out and about on business, Kate dresses to impress. So it’s only natural that Kate has a lust-worthy list of brands she counts among her favorites. Many of them hail from the UK (no surprise there) and specialize in structured coats and elegant dresses – designs worthy…


Finally – What to Wear to That Winter Wedding

December 9, 2015

Dressing for a wedding is already a high-stakes outfit situation. You want to look great, but don’t want to upstage the bride. And, of course, you have to be careful to steer clear of white, ecru, cream, etc. So, you really don’t need anything making the dress code any more complicated. We hear you. Inside, we’re taking the work out of dolling up – because shouldn’t getting glam and celebrating…


5 Times You Should Wear Whatever You Want

November 26, 2015

There’s no denying that the fashion world loves to dictate how we dress – never wearing white to a wedding and Blair Waldorf’s “tights are not pants” are just two classics we tend to take pretty seriously. But while we do enjoy suggestions for cozy binge-watching clothes and jaw-dropping date night looks, we’re ready to confess a little something: at the end of the day, we’ll most likely wear whatever…


I’m a Short Fashion Editor, and I Refuse to Wear Heels

October 28, 2015

There’s nothing I love more than the look of a sleek, strappy stiletto with a formfitting midi dress. I just bought – and don’t plan on taking off – my flared jeans, and I know how good they’d look with suede platform wedges. And get this: I have the perfect excuse to slip into heels. I’m 5′ 2″ (on a good day). I’m a short fashion editor, surrounded by reasons…


Lauren Conrad Proves You Can Wear Your Summer Party Dresses Into Fall

October 19, 2015

Before you tuck your Summer dresses away in the back of your closet, you’re going to want to see exactly how your favorite A-listers are making these breezy looks work for Fall. Some of Los Angeles’s most fashionable stars turned up for the sixth annual Veuve Cliquot Polo Classic, dressed in looks that are ideal for a Fall wedding or even your next brunch excursion. Bold colors, graphic prints, and…


Mercury Is Out of Retrograde; Here’s What to Wear Now

October 9, 2015

If you’ve been feeling a little off-kilter, don’t worry, it’s going to be alright: Mercury is finally out of retrograde. We spent the last three weeks playing it safe with our style while we waited for the planet to realign and put an end to the chaos and confusion. We’ve pegged all our ripped seams, broken heels, and too-small tops on the astrological phenomenon, but the time has come to…


Skip the Jeans! Here Are 12 Fresh Ways to Wear Your Fall Sweaters

October 5, 2015

Everyone gets stuck in a style rut sometimes, whether it’s wearing the same pair of boots all Winter or wearing the same black skinny jeans week after week. As we head into the first official week of Fall and dig out those cozy sweaters, one question comes to mind: what the heck do we wear them with? The obvious answer would be jeans (black high-waisted skinnies if you’re like me)….


As If! The Costumes Every ’90s Girl Will Want to Wear

September 29, 2015

You know you were a ’90s girl if . . . these costumes are what you’ve been dreaming of. From old-school Britney to Sailor Moon, these looks are based on the moments that defined your Lisa Frank-filled childhood. So if, like Cher, you’re more into shopping than DIY-ing your costume of choice, we’re here for you. These looks are easy to throw together, and the best part – the clothes…