33 Pieces of Lingerie Perfect For Your Wedding Night

The countdown to your wedding has begun, and all the style details are set. You’ve got the gown, the veil, and those statement-making shoes – but what the heck are you rocking underneath all that (or, at the very least, changing into once you’re back in your room)? To bring this special day full circle, you’ll want to wear something that’ll wow your new spouse while making you feel super…

February 3, 2016

25 Cozy-Meets-Classy Outfits For a Wedding in the Woods

So you’re really excited because you got invited to a wedding . . . in the woods. OK, maybe now you’re just panicked and in the midst of a fashion-girl dilemma, because, well, do you have the right dress for such a rustic occasion? Should you blend in with your surroundings, opting for leafy prints, or stand out in an ornate maxi? Whether you’d rather opt for shimmering jewel tones…

December 27, 2015

Your Dream Wedding Dress Is Here – and It’s Actually Affordable

For a woman busy planning her wedding, there’s one gift she won’t find under the tree: her dream dress. Though it may top her must-have list, that wedding gown just can’t be chosen by anyone but her. But thanks to Needle & Thread and NET-A-PORTER.COM, she just might find it this season anyways. The brand just launched its first bridal collection, and it’s full of romantic and feminine details that…

December 23, 2015

Finally – What to Wear to That Winter Wedding

December 9, 2015

Dressing for a wedding is already a high-stakes outfit situation. You want to look great, but don’t want to upstage the bride. And, of course, you have to be careful to steer clear of white, ecru, cream, etc. So, you really don’t need anything making the dress code any more complicated. We hear you. Inside, we’re taking the work out of dolling up – because shouldn’t getting glam and celebrating…


This Is How Hannah, Marnie, and the Rest of the Girls Do Wedding Style

December 3, 2015

Who better to seek wedding inspiration from than our favorite Girls squad: Hannah, Shoshannah, Marnie, and Jessa. Lena Dunham just showed us a sneak peek from the HBO show in the form of a behind-the-scenes shot – and it’s from Marnie’s forthcoming nuptials! While actress Allison Williams recently got married in a feminine Oscar de la Renta gown, her second ceremony of the year took a decidedly bohemian route. Marnie…


The Ultimate Guide to Winter Wedding Dresses

November 29, 2015

For any bride, what to wear on wedding day is a major decision. But if you’re planning to say “I do” during the Winter, picking the right outfit is even more important. No bride wants to walk down the aisle shivering from the cold, which is why both the gown and accessories deserve careful consideration. It’s crucial to find something that makes you feel absolutely beautiful, but you can’t ignore…


13 Breathtaking Wedding Dresses Worn By Your Favorite Fashion Bloggers

November 1, 2015

Fashion bloggers are used to getting dressed up and stealing the spotlight, but when it comes to their weddings, they hold nothing back. No gown’s too glamorous, no designer’s out of reach, and even their SO’s – usually in a well-tailored tux, complete with a bow tie and some scruff – look photo shoot ready. And since these ladies tend to inspire our outfits on a normal day, there’s no…


19 Stunning Wedding Dresses For Curvy Women

October 21, 2015

Finding the wedding dress of your dreams shouldn’t be complicated, but come time to pick “the one,” many women find themselves struggling to find a gown that is beautiful, affordable, and actually in their size. But thanks to David’s Bridal, that’s all about to change. The brand has positioned itself to fill an industry void, offering gorgeous gowns in extended sizing (and at a fraction of the price of many…