24 Fashion Hacks Every Woman Needs to Know

Sure, a lost button or red-wine stain could wreak havoc on your outfit plans, but armed with the right knowledge and know-how, these fashion catastrophes are surprisingly manageable. And while you may not consider yourself the most practical person just yet, these foolproof tips and tricks will transform you into a fashion handyman (err, woman). So whether your wardrobe is already in need of rescue or you’re just looking to…

January 4, 2016

Why Every Woman Will Want a Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Tradition dictates that your gown is white and your wedding band is silver or gold. Well, sometimes it’s a great thing to break the rules and opt for something unique and gorgeous in its own way. A rose gold wedding ring has the elegance and sophistication of the classic metals, but its warm pink hue adds an unexpectedly feminine twist. And since engagement rings were meant to be eye-catching, where’s…

December 24, 2015

The 9 Coats Every Woman Should Own

December 8, 2015

If you think you are going to get through the next few frigid months with your one trusty coat you’ve had since college, you might need to hear the cold, hard truth. We’ve researched every type of outerwear that exists and have come up with the official list of coats essential to any Winter-dwelling wardrobe. You might think you can get by with one or two quality coats, but not…


10 Holiday Party Style Commandments Every Woman Should Follow

November 18, 2015

Shopping for the perfect party look can leave you feeling a little like Goldilocks. One dress is too small, another too sheer – but once you find the one that’s just right, now that’s a special moment. And while that ideal look may be different for every woman, come the holidays, there are a few guidelines every woman should keep in mind. They’re not about telling you what you can’t…


If You Thought Shopping Was Hard, Try Being a Transgender Woman

October 29, 2015

In the months leading up to Caitlyn Jenner’s debut, gender identity has been a focal point in the media. In an effort to give the transgender community a voice in that conversation and to help anyone going through this or on the other side of the change, we tapped Francesca Appelgate, who is shedding light on her own experience as a transgender woman. Read on as she shares what it…


10 Shoes Every Woman Should Own

October 3, 2015

If we lived by Carrie Bradshaw’s rules, then we could never have too many shoes. Sometimes, we think that may be the case. However, we don’t have the budget (or closet space for that matter) to jump on every single trend. To make your wardrobe planning a little easier, we’ve zeroed in on the 10 key shoe styles every woman should have in her closet. If you adhere to this…


1 Petite Woman Took On Taylor Swift’s Style – and This Is What Happened

August 30, 2015

To say I’m a Taylor Swift fan might be putting it mildly: her tunes have helped me through plenty of heartbreaks, I’m currently kinda POed at Katy Perry, and I consider the night my nosebleed concert seats were upgraded – for free! – to the stage’s pit area one of the best times of my life. But another thing I admire about this leader of the fiercest girl group ever?…