13 Timeless Fall Pieces That Belong in Every Woman’s Closet

November 27, 2015

Every girl has that one coat hidden in the back of her closet, the piece she tucks away lovingly every Spring before the day comes when the air turns crisp and she can pull it on like it’s the first time all over again. Trends come and go, but every woman should have a handful of pieces – just like that coat – that she can fall back on today…


Trench Coat 101: Your Cheat Sheet to the Piece That Belongs in Every Woman’s Closet

November 4, 2015

Whether you’re in the market for a new trench or you’ve had the same one for over a decade, this classic coat is a piece that belongs in every woman’s wardrobe. The sleek style actually has a rich history that allegedly dates back all the way to the 1850s. Originally worn by army officers, it’s now a look that every street style star keeps in their arsenal. If you’ve ever…


Are the Blisters Worth It? One Woman’s Heel Horror Story

October 30, 2015

Perhaps I had one glass of wine too many, but on a cold Saturday night one January, I recklessly bought a pair of strappy black sandals. I saw them online, instantly fell in love, and before I knew it, my credit card info was entered and a confirmation was hitting my inbox. It took what seemed like weeks for them to arrive, but when the shoes finally landed on my…