The Most Practical Heel Is Now the Fashion World’s Favorite Shoe

We’re thanking our lucky stars for the fashion world’s current obsession with sensible shoes, from sneakers to flats. Now there’s a new style to love just as much for its practicality as its ladylike look. This season‘s block heels are going to be big, replacing stilettos with walkable stacked heels that offer support and a sweet way to refresh your denim outfits, office looks, and everything in between. Just keep…

February 5, 2016

Surely the Discovery of the World’s Second Largest Diamond Means a Small Piece For All of Us

November 19, 2015

You might be impressed by the rocks that J Lo’s got, but Canadian mining firm Lucara has one-upped even the diamond-loving pop star. The company announced that it uncovered a gem in a Botswana mine that clocks in at 1,111 carats, making it the second largest diamond ever discovered. The honor of the world’s biggest diamond goes to the Cullinan stone, found in South Africa over a century ago, which…