The 1 Photo Every Fashion Girl Has on Her Feed

The 1 Photo Every Fashion Girl Has on Her Feed

One quick scroll through Instagram and you’re bound to spot a few photos of fashion girls carrying this must-have item. Nope, it’s not a bag. Not even a leather jacket. Rather, it’s a cup – sometimes mug – of coffee. Matcha or cappuccino if they’re feeling fancy.

The truth is, our days often call for a little extra fuel, and with the photo op presenting itself in the form of a paper cup, we can’t help but snap away. But before you try your hand at this kind of ‘gram, it’s good to keep these four variations in mind.

  • Coffee with a side of shoes: From above, capturing the coffee, but secretly showing off your footwear.
  • A full or partial outfit accessorized with coffee: Also from above or taken by a friend, where the coffee is just an added, stylish bonus.
  • Coffee on a table, surrounded by pretty things: The table must look artsy – wooden or marble preferred. Your bag and even a well-accessorized hand or arm are welcome additions.
  • Cozy coffee on a bed or a furry rug: This shows you’re lazy, but not too lazy to take a stylized photo of your legs and your caffeine.

Read on for a bit of inspiration, then post your own in honor of #NationalCoffeeDay, and let those double taps roll on in.