The 9 Coats Every Woman Should Own

The 9 Coats Every Woman Should Own

If you think you are going to get through the next few frigid months with your one trusty coat you’ve had since college, you might need to hear the cold, hard truth.

We’ve researched every type of outerwear that exists and have come up with the official list of coats essential to any Winter-dwelling wardrobe. You might think you can get by with one or two quality coats, but not every topper in your closet needs to be a major investment. We recommend you review this checklist and pick the ones worth the splurge – perhaps a classic camel coat? – and the ones – like an embellished statement cover-up or a cape – that might be better sought after in the sale racks. Whatever you do, make sure that whatever you put over your outfit is just as good as what’s underneath.