This Fashion Ad Highlights The Blatant Lack Of Curvy Models In Vogue

This Fashion Ad Highlights The Blatant Lack Of Curvy Models In Vogue

Vogue may be considered the pinnacle of fashion magazines, but this month the publication finds itself under fire. The September issue is its most lauded release of the year – Beyoncé scored the coveted cover spot this time around. But, while the magazine weighs in at a whopping 832 pages, readers have noted that only two of them feature curvy models – and those two pages are an advertisement.

The double page spread features the silhouettes of six models, who appear to be members of Alda, a collaborative of models who aim “to empower women and change the perception of beauty.” And while no brand is named in the ads themselves, it is reported that they are the brainchild of Lane Bryant – a brand already working to celebrate women of all sizes in the fashion industry.

The ad itself is both simple and mysterious. In the background are the outlines of six curvy women, a choice that seems to blatantly point to the lack of visibility for more diverse models in the industry. The text simply lists the date September 14, 2015 along with a hashtag, #plusisequal, stating, “It’s time to change,” followed by, “Be part of it.” Finally, there’s a link to the site The ad’s placement serves as a reminder that while the fashion industry is beginning to change, clearly there is still a long way to go.

Read on for a look at how the world is reacting to the new campaign.